• Daniel Ryan

    Daniel Ryan

    Daniel Ryan is from Wellington and works as a developer lead at CricHQ. He is the founder of Making Sense of Fluoride and spends his free time carrying out skeptical activism.

  • Gold


    Gold is the chair-entity of the New Zealand Skeptics and founder of the Skeptics in the Pub movement in New Zealand.

  • Lisa Taylor

    Lisa Taylor

    Lisa Taylor is from Wellington. She works as an ESOL student teacher, she is seen volunteering in her time off at Bats Theatre and at Eva’s Attic – on behalf of Wellington Rape Crisis. She spends any free time working on Skeptical Activism. She can also be found administering a number of Facebook groups.

  • Mark Hanna

    Mark Hanna

    Mark Hanna is web developer based in Auckland with a keen interest in scientific scepticism and healthcare. In the 2 years prior to co-founding the Society for Science Based Healthcare, he lodged over 50 complaints with the Advertising Standards Authority regarding unsubstantiated therapeutic claims, practically all of which were met with success. Mark also writes at Honest Universe, and you can find him on Twitter at @HonestUniverse

  • Mark Honeychurch

    Mark Honeychurch

    Mark Honeychurch is a Wellington based skeptic and consumer advocate, and a member of both the NZ Skeptics Society Committee and the Humanist Society Council. Mark started the Wellington based Skeptical Activism group in 2013, and can also be heard on theĀ Skepticism Today podcast.

  • Simon McAuliffe

    Simon McAuliffe

    Simon McAuliffe is from Wellington and is one of the members of the Skepticism Today podcast. Simon is involved with the Skeptical movement and is interested in the correct use of scientific methods to discover truth, and in protecting the public from abuses of misinformation, pseudoscience and bad reasoning. Day to day, Simon is involved in IT and analytical work including experimental design and analysis.