The Society for Science Based Healthcare is an incorporated society, our membership consists of experts and activists. These are our committee members and some of our most active members.

  • Mark Hanna

    Mark Hanna


    Mark Hanna is a consumer advocate and science communicator based in Auckland. He writes about healthcare regulation in New Zealand and other topics on his blog, Honest Universe. Mark won the New Zealand Skeptics’ Skeptic of the Year award in 2014 for “tirelessly battling pseudoscience via the ASA, MedSafe and many other means, and for creating the Society for Science Based Healthcare”.

  • Mark Honeychurch

    Mark Honeychurch


    Mark Honeychurch is a Wellington based skeptic and consumer advocate. He is the Chair of the NZ Skeptics, Treasurer of Making Sense of Fluoride and Vice President of the NZ Humanist Society. Mark started the Wellington based Skeptical Activism group in 2013 (part of Skeptics in the Pub), and can also be heard on theĀ Skepticism Today podcast.

  • Lisa Ryan

    Lisa Ryan


    Lisa Ryan is from Wellington. She works in theatre with a strong focus on box office management and creating safe spaces for actors. She spends her free time working on Skeptical Activism and reading books. She is the Secretary for Making Sense of Fluoride.

  • Colleen Morgan

    Colleen Morgan

    Committee Member

    Colleen Morgan is an insurance broker based in Hamilton. An avid user of Facebook, she is an active member of and contributor to several skeptics groups. Colleen attempts to steer members of these community groups towards seeking science-based treatments and information, like seeing their doctor, if they ask for medical advice. Facebook is not the place to seek this kind of advice.

  • Daniel Ryan

    Daniel Ryan

    Committee Member

    Daniel Ryan is from Wellington and works as a developer lead at CricHQ. He is both the founder of Making Sense of Fluoride and a member of the Skeptics Society committee, and spends his free time carrying out skeptical activism.

  • Sarah Bronte

    Sarah Bronte

    Medical Advisor – Dentistry
    BDS Otago MFDS RCS London

    Sarah is a general dentist who practises in Tauranga. She is actively working with the New Zealand Dental Association to improve access to dental care for low income adults in the Bay of Plenty and is a staunch supporter of water fluoridation.

  • Richard Shillito

    Richard Shillito

    Medical Advisor
    MB ChB DA

    Richard is a retired anaesthetist who emigrated to New Zealand in 1987. While working in North Wales he developed a keen interest in ITU (Intensive Care) and programming computers in medicine. He developed an ITU database and championed the idea of being able to run a form of prospective trial on retrospective data, which has subsequently seen use in the profession. Now that he has retired he is pursuing his interests in viticulture, olives, and scepticism.

  • Jonathan Grady

    Jonathan Grady

    Medical Advisor – Audiology
    BSc MAud MNZAS

    Jonathan is a clinical audiologist with over 15 years experience. He has worked in public hospitals, private clinics and spent 8 years as the Clinical Coordinator for the Master of Audiology programme at the University of Canterbury. He is an expert in paediatric diagnostics and adult diagnostics and habilitation. He has consulted for the Ministry of Health on a number of topics including implementation of the Universal Newborn Screening and Early Intervention Programme, and served on several boards for the New Zealand Audiological Society. He is a strong advocate of evidence based practice in audiology and the health field in general.

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