If you are looking for information about healthcare decisions to do with a government department, you can submit an Official Information Act request.

The kinds of requests that might be interesting would include asking Universities about their offering of acupuncture courses, finding out the inclusion criteria for NZQA’s accredited Complementary Therapies qualifications or asking the ACC for data on the amount they’ve spent on chiropractic treatments. (We’ve done some of these already, but you get the idea!)

We highly recommend using a New Zealand based service called FYI to send out any OIA requests. All requests made via FYI are made public, and responses to your request are sent to the FYI website and immediately displayed for everyone to see, rather than being sent to your inbox. The FYI website will email you whenever a new response is received to your OIA request, and you will be asked to update the status of your request.

If you end up sending out an interesting healthcare related OIA request, please let us know via our contact page.